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Gram or Chickpea (Cicer arietinum Linnaeus), a member of family Fabaceae, is an ancient self pollinated leguminous crop. The plant grows between 8 to 20 inches high and has small feathery leaves on either side of the stem. Chickpeas are a type of pulse, with one seedpod containing 2 or 3 peas. They ideally need a subtropical or tropical climate with more than 16 inches of annual rain but can also be grown in a temperate climate.

Popular variety:

Name of variety                Pedigree

  • BG244                       [850-3/27 x P922]x P9847 Kabuli type
  • BGD72                               [BG256 x E100Y] x BG256
  • C214                                           [G24xIP58]xG24
  • H208                                          [26x G24] x C235)
  • HK94-134                             [H82-2 x E100Y]x Bhim)
  • ICCC31                                 [P481 x JG62] x P1630
  • JG11                       [PhuleG5 x Narshinghpur bold]x ICCC37
  • JG130                      [PhuleG 5 X Narsinghpur bold] X JG74
  • JKG-1                            [ICCV2 x Surutato] x ICC7344

Maturity Indices:

Chickpeas take anywhere from three to seven months to reach full maturity. Wait until The plant's leaves have shriveled up and turned brown before removing the whole plant from the ground.

Harvesting Time:  

The crop is harvested when leaves start drying and shedding. In north India the harvesting of chickpea is generally done in the month of March-April.Crops intended for seed are best harvested at 14-16% moisture and dried or aerated back to 12% moisture to maximize both germination and vigour.

Packaging & Storage:

Seed must be properly dried before storage. The ideal seed moisture level is 10-12% for short-term storage (up to 8 months). After drying, the seed should be either stored in polythene-lined gunny bags or in safe storage structures (metal bins or earthen containers).The bags should be kept in a rodent free room and placed on wooden planks (not more than five in a stack) and away from walls to avoid dampness to the seeds.

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