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Red gram is second largest pulse crop in India accounting about 20 percent of total pulse production. India ranks first in area and production of pigeon pea after this red gram is produced. According to Department of Agriculture and Cooperation, India’s production during year 2011-12 was 2.65 million tonnes. Major producing states with production are Maharashtra (0.98), Uttar Pradesh (0.31), Karnataka (0.53), Madhya Pradesh (0.16), Gujarat (0.27), Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Orissa and Bihar in million tonnes. It contains about 22.3 percent protein and 1.7 percent fat content.


S. No.


Varity name


Very early maturing (115 to 125 days)

ICPL-87, ICPL-151, TAT-10


Early maturing (130 to 150 days)

T. Vishakha-1, TT-6, AKT – 8811


Medium duration (155 to 170 days)

Badnapur-1 or 2, BSMR-736, BSMR-175


Long duration (above 180 days)

ICPL-87119, C-11

Maturity Indices

Best time to harvest the crop is when 75-80% of the pods turns brown and is dry. Pods should be harvested just before they start losing their green color. For this normally hand picking is followed.


Traditionally pigeon pea plants are harvested by cutting the stem at the base with a sickle. The harvested plants are bundled and placed upright to dry. Pods and grain are separated by beating the dry plants with sticks or by using a thresher.


Packaging is an important function in the marketing of Red gram. It is a practice to protect the produce from any damage during storage, transportation and other marketing operations. The good packaging of red gram not only facilitates convenience in transportation and storage but also attracts consumer to pay more. The packaging reduces the marketing cost and protects the quality. Packaging mainly done by some these methods which are given below:

  • Jute Bags
  • HDPE/pp bags
  • Polythene impregnated jute bags
  • Poly pouches
  • Cloth bags


Storage protects the quality of grains from deterioration and helps in stabilization of prices by regularizing demand and supply. Supply of Red gram has to be maintained by proper storage throughout the year. 

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